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Red Deer

Out of Province Scholarship

Who can apply?

  • Students moving from out of province to attend the Kelowna Campus.
  • Students moving from Ontario to attend the Winnipeg Campus.

Please submit the following as part of your Scholarship Application to the campus of your choice:

High school transcript.

  • Applications should have a High Diploma or Equivalent.

Career Investigation:

*Tell us why you want to be a Beauty Professional.

  • Talk to your Stylist or Esthetician and ask them what they love about their careers. Use Google to find out more about the Salon Industry and search for great places to work when you graduate. Find famous Stylists on Instagram and follow them. Present us with a summary of all you learned about our industry and why you want to join it. Use any format you like.

*For those choosing the Kelowna Campus: Tell us why you would like to move to the Okanagan.

  • With its beautiful beaches, warm waters and surrounding wineries and fruit orchards, there is little wonder why Kelowna is a top vacation destination of British Columbia. What ever your reason is for moving to the Okanagan, tell us all about it!

*For those choosing the Winnipeg Campus: Tell us why you would like to move to the Prairies.

  • Winnipeg is a culturally diverse city with more than 100 languages and nationalities represented throughout the region. The city is known for its flourishing arts scene, colourful festivals, and character neighbourhoods, as well as its green spaces and access to outdoor activities. The city features more than 1,100 restaurants as well as numerous world-class attractions, museums, theatres, sports venues and night clubs. What ever your reason is for moving to Winnipeg, tell us all about it!

Registration Fee of $100.