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Red Deer

Creative Scholarship


  • To recognize High School students demonstrating outstanding creativity and community involvement.
  • To assist students in their endeavor to enter a career in the Salon or Spa Industry.


Nominees must:

  1. Displays creative ability in the areas of art, music, photography or other avenue.
  2. Demonstrate an aptitude for the vocation of fashion, beauty and/or wellness.
  3. Demonstrate an excellent attendance record.
  4. Demonstrate community involvement through volunteer work or extra curricular activities.
  5. Be a full-time Grade 12 student in British Columbia, Manitoba, or Saskatchewan who will be completing their High School Diploma in 2022.

Please submit the following as part of your Scholarship Application to the campus of your choice:

  1. High school transcript.
    • Students must be a full-time Grade 12 student who will be completing their High School Diploma to receive this Scholarship.
  2. Career Investigation: Tell us why you want to be a Beauty Professional.
    • Talk to your Stylist or Esthetician and ask them what they love about their careers. Use Google to find out more about the Salon and Spa Industry and search for great places to work when you graduate. Find famous Stylists/Estheticians on Instagram and follow them. Present us with a summary of all you learned about our industry and why you want to join it. Use any format you like.
  3. Samples of your creative work.
    • These may include but are not limited to photographs, drawings, artwork or crafts.
  4. Registration Fee of $100.

Any student that is applying to MC College and will be graduating from a High School in British Columbia, Manitoba or Saskatchewan in 2022: