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Brett Kelly

He’s a barber by day and rockstar by night. As a 2012 Hairstyling graduate from MC College Vernon, Brett’s passion for the industry started when he played in a band as a guitarist.

“I play in a rockabilly band and hair is really big in that culture…I went and bought a pair of clippers and I started cleaning up the band. I was HORRIBLE at it since I had no training, but I fell in love with hair very quickly.”

Brett is now the Co-Owner of The Gentlemen’s Shop & Shave Parlour and is a Victory Brand educator. Throughout his career, he has traveled across North America to inspire and educate barbers and hairstylists. He has had the opportunity to work alongside one of the biggest names in the industry, Matty Conrad.

“Keep educating yourself. School sets you up for the fundamentals of what you need. But after that it’s up to you to keep up with education, trends, styles and techniques.”

-Brett Kelly

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