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Red Deer

Instagram Scholarship

How would you like to win a $500 tuition scholarship to MC College for posting a photo on Instagram? Easiest. Scholarship. Ever.


Scholarship Criteria:

  • Must have more then 200 followers on Instagram.
  • Take a photo, video or boomerang that includes your favorite beauty essential.
  • Caption must include “I want to attend MC College because_________”
  • Don’t forget to make your Instagram public so we can see your post!
  • Hashtag #MCInstaScholar #MCCollege and tag @mccollegegroup.
  • Scholarship winners are eligible to take our Hairstyling, Esthetics or Fashion Design program.
  • Must enter at least 2 weeks prior to your intended program’s start date.

The team at MC College will be looking for your insta tags!