Meet Chelsey Kara, a dynamic hairstylist whose journey in the industry began straight out of high school when she enrolled in MC College in 2006. Post graduation, at just 20 years old, she took the bold step of opening her own salon called Passions in Saskatoon.

Chelsey’s fondest memory from MC College was during her first class when she made friends and started networking, creating lasting connections. One valuable piece of advice she would give her younger self is to recognize that what you put into school is what you get out of it. The salon industry offers a unique perk—it doesn’t feel like a job; rather, it’s a fun and creative experience where relationships are built and art is crafted. Color correction is an area of her work that she takes immense pride in. Transforming colors into stunning results makes her clients happy and leads to loyalty and long-term relationships.

Chelsey juggles several different responsibilities in her professional and personal life. Balancing her role as a business owner and hairstylist while being a mother of three presents its challenges. However, Chelsey manages her time efficiently, dedicating 2.5 days to each aspect, ensuring she maintains a fulfilling lifestyle, professional growth, and personal happiness. The most rewarding aspect of her career is mentoring others and fostering a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. One invaluable tip from an instructor that stays with her to this day is to dress the part. By looking good and feeling good, Chelsey believes she can exude confidence and positivity, which enhances the overall experience for her clients.

Chelsey Kara’s journey as a hairstylist exemplifies passion, determination and a relentless pursuit of creativity and excellence. From her humble beginnings as a young student at MC College, to becoming a successful salon owner and mother, Chelsey’s story is one of inspiration and immense growth.

“Embarking on a journey in a hairstyling school can be exciting and transformative. It’s not just about learning how to cut and style hair; it’s about unlocking your creativity, building your skills, and developing the confidence to pursue a fulfilling career.” -Chelsey Kara Harder

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