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Success Stories

From entrepreneurs to award winning stylists and everything in between, our graduates have gone on to do amazing things in the beauty and fashion industry!

Brett Kelly

He’s a barber by day, and a fencer and rockstar by night. As a 2013 hairsyling graduate from MC College Vernon, Brett’s passion for the industry started when he played in a band as a guitarist. Today, he is  a co-owner of The Gentlemen’s Shop and Shave Parlour and men’s hair educator.

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Wendy Bélanger

“I feel like I’m doing something illegal – people pay me to do what I love!”

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Dawn Bradley

“There is always so much to learn…no matter how long you’ve been in the industry!”

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Trina De Busschere

“The industry is truly your oyster”

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Alexander Daniel

“When choosing what to do with your life, choose wisely. Picture the future you want and choose the path that gets you there.”

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Guy Lemieux

“If you continue to work hard, clients and success will follow…push yourself and you will succeed.”

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Sid Neigum

After high school Sid followed his family’s expectations and started a science degree. But, before the year was out he couldn’t help but chase his growing passion for fashion. He was enticed by MC College’s fast track program, and was happy to be able to learn everything he’d need to know in 12 short months.

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Jessilyn Poole

“Take a little time each day…to clear your head, and get inspired and get new ideas outside of  your routine.”

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John Radu

“Since I’ve graduated, I’ve had an amazing career. It’s an amazing industry that lets you be creative and make a pretty damn good living!”

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Marlo Steenman

“Dress the part and act the part…you will never know everything…remember we are all students for life.”

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Alicia Soulier

“Be humble. Be Passionate. Be respectful of your Mentors. Be passionate about what you do.”

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Corine Sim Volk

“Attend as much education as you can, do everything and take it all in. Never doubt your career choice, work hard and work Saturdays!”

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Andrew Van

“I’m not trying to get famous. I’m trying to master my craft and share it with others. Just chase your dreams”

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Victoria Kakuktinniq

“I learned about the traditional designs first, and I incorporate the curves of the Amauti style into my designs”

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Alisha Schick

“You can never measure your success with anyone else…you have to DO YOU and build on that every time”

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Jeff Louis

“Learn and absorb as much as you can in your program. Don’t be shy to ask questions because hairdressers love to share and most importantly, don’t forget to smile and have fun and stay humble along the way.””

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